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"Internet marketing like search engine marketing (SEM), and search engine optimization (SEO) can be a very confusing landscape for business owners and entrepreneurs. That's why I'm offering you a complete Online Brand Presence and Search Engine Ranking Report absolutely free. Use it to learn exactly where your company and brands rank online and at the major search engines." -- Chuck Kanner/President Ritchie Havok

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what it feels like to be at the top of google searchesThe Right Team Offering Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing, Web Design, Reputation Management, and E-commerce.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Provide world class SEO services to companies here in Florida and around the globe. We specialize in commercial SEO focused on local, global, and ecommerce. The reward of great advertising  is making money directly from your investment.  Our focus is always return on investment (ROI). Services Include, site optimization, on-page, architecture, HTML


Internet Marketing

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are an important part of most digital marketing strategies. Optimization for organic search engine results is important too, but as long as Google is making 95% of their revenues from paid search, Pay-Per-Click AdWords and Bing campaigns are critical to getting your products and services to the top of highly relevant search engine page results.


Reputation Management

Your online reputation is the confluence of every piece of information stored about you somewhere online. This information can comes together in searches and on social media to negatively impact you or your brand. The easier it is to find the information, the more of an impact it will have on your reputation. The primary platforms that define your online reputation include:• Google Search • Google Autocomplete • Wikipedia • Yelp, Google Reviews, and other review websites


Web Design

Having your site pop up on the front page of a Google search result is the best outcome in the world if you want people to find your site. The process to get there starts with great web design, structure, and rich interesting web copy and content that works for your best customers.  Every business website should be a sales machine, not another money drain on your profits. Businesses either pay for their web presence, or make their web presence pay them.



Whatever you are selling Creative SEO website creators will build a site that fits your needs and goals. We accomplish this in many ways with an array of different back end products like WordPress/Woo Commerce, Magneto, Zen Cart, Pay Pal, and many others. Call now and speak to an e-commerce specialist and get started selling today.


Hosting and Management

Reliable and Scalable E-Commerce Hosting. PCI certified and secure, with a 99.9% up-time guarantee! We make sure you are there for your customers. Your site is completely managed, secure and reliable. We include everything you need to get up and running successfully: Domain name, Monthly transparent upgrades, 256Bit SSL certificate, FTP Access to Files, and Daily Backups.

Digital Marketing Services By The #1 Sarasota Florida SEO Experts

Business is about getting a great return on your investments. Creative SEO is laser focused on working smarter to make that happen for you.

Old Media ROI

Independent research study results:

Average ROI Per Ad
Radio: 8%
Television: 11%
Direct Marketing: 12%
Magazines: 20%
Newspapers: 26%
Outdoor: 49%
YellowPages: 52%
Internet: 63%



Many of our client see an astonishing average ROI above 600% per annum. Since we work with some very large corporations in ultra-competitive market, ROI may varies with company size and existing marketplace.

Independent studies by MECLABS show that 40% of SEO campaigns exceed 500% ROI. SEO campaigns are an investment that can see results after a few days, but typically after a few of months. For immediate or short term results we usually recommend a PPC with a self liquidating offer, so your advertising dollars can turn directly into profit.


Pay-Per-Click ROI

We only focus on creative marketing strategies that produce our clients amazing results. When done right Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising like Google Adwords and Bing Ads can exceed a 600% ROI. The Facebook pay per lead ads, and SLO's are able to see a positive ROI on the first day of the campaign!

We encourage all of our clients to perform consistent testing and reporting of each campaign. Without it you are shooting in the dark. Understanding what is making money, and bringing in leads and customers is an important part of every marketing campaign.


"DIY SEO Guide and Master Series"

"Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving." --David Ogilvy

Companies we have helped over the last 15 years

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To achieve first page ranking on Google and Bing is a complicated, ever changing bullseye that every website owner is aiming for. What we know is that the process of search engine optimization starts from the ground up building your website’s structure, content, and copy. The rest is created from that foundation by adding links, marketing, branding, e-commerce, and social media activity. These are all things most businesses don't have the time or expertise to accomplish, and stuff Creative SEO happens to be great at.

Most internet marketing firms are focused on long term contracts and recurring billing.  Our primary goal is to report objective results from third party vendors like Google and Bing, and show you great results month after month.