What We Do

What We Do

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my name is Chuck and I am the Founder and CEO of Creative SEO and Internet Marketing. My partners and I are local residents providing Sarasota, Miami, and Tampa, Florida professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. As locals, we understand the unique SEO marketing needs, and we are available to meet in person. In person meetings also allow us to collaborate with clients closely.  Compared to other national SEO companies, Creative SEO is the best, most comprehensive Florida digital marketing firm with competitive pricing. We know the primary reason you are calling is because we are hyper focused on lean internet marketing services that increase traffic and sales, with a high premium on returning investment dollars and profits.  We are Corporate Growth Hackers always looking for the hook that will exponentially increase your company’s visibility, revenues, and efficiency. The reality is there is only room for one company at the top of search engine reports and they will take the lion’s share of organic traffic. While there are literally thousands of so-called Florida SEO companies out there, we find that very few have what it takes to accomplish the goals of their clients. In fact, digital marketing for Sarasota or other places in Florida, with unqualified service providers can have a negative impact on your search results that require much larger budgets to repair the damage. We don’t trust our accounting to just anyone with a calculator, so when choosing a Sarasota SEO or search engine marketing (SEM) company ask to see their prior results, and then ask why they can’t rank higher than Creative SEO for their own SEO Florida. We are proud to say that we break the mold of the typical Sarasota marketing agency by providing the quickest, recurring return on investment for our clients. The demand for the best Sarasota, Florida Search Engine Optimization service is at an all-time high, and with every prospective client comes great responsibility. From our years of experience, it has become clear that providing fabulous internet marketing to an unprepared company can result in demand that exceeds their capacity. While this is a good problem to have as business owner interested in expanding, we must ensure our campaign efforts are consistent, so our assets are fully utilized. When we commit to investing our assets to help a business grow we need to be sure they are qualified to handle the volume.

Many national SEO company business owners use inefficient and Black-Hat SEM practices.  Rest assure we are consistently testing and proving our clients with the latest SEO and SEM best practices, and constantly following the changes in algorithms at the major search engine like Google and Bing. Online Marketing in Sarasota, or anywhere in Florida should always be based in ongoing research that will show you what works best to attract your most profitable clients and customers. Our team spends endless hours developing search engine marketing and optimization strategies and implementing these custom strategies on our test sites to allow data analysis and continued research for the latest trends. In addition to our experience providing great SEO/SEM services to Sarasota and South Florida businesses for decades, we also provide ground up website design that implements the latest web development techniques on our test sites to compare the effects on SEO.  While it is great to have the latest and best-looking website, if it has a negative effect on your marketing campaign, no potential customers will ever see your SEO marketing or your incredible website. When running multiple campaigns, we ensure peak performance through daily research and weekly client reporting. We never make excuses for a lack of performance, nor do we hide results good and bad.  We are not afraid of the challenge, and enjoy the constant search for improvement and efficiency. Please be aware we only take clients that we have pre-qualified.  As a marketing agency, there is only room for one client per vertical so we have hard limits on who we can serve. Please do not hesitate to contact us and learn about the opportunity to increase your marketing return on investment today. Doing business online is the future, and the future waits for no one. Contact us to get started are your company’s SEO now! 1-800-322-1100

Our services are all created to increase ROI, and build a durable competitive advantage.

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What is a self-liquidating offer A self-liquidating offer is a free offer or gift that activates prospective

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Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving. –David Ogilvy David was right 40 years

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When working on this theme, we’ve put creative businesses and artists front and center. Naturally, this means

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When working on this theme, we’ve put creative businesses and artists front and center. Naturally, this means

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While we’ve been working in the WordPress themes industry for over a decade, we had to take our time and do a detailed planning for creating a theme as complex as Magic is. Basically, it took us weeks upon weeks to polish this theme to perfection, making sure that both its visual aesthetics and its functional capabilities are as high-end as possible…
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In the sober companion business confidentiality is critical. Creative SEO encrypted all of our client communications and website forms for compliance with our government licensing boards.

As a modern artist I consider my website a part of my artistic canvas. Luckily, Creative SEO had the knowledge and experience to accomplish my vision; and had the same goal!

Jenna Ellise Developer

I didn’t realize hiring the wrong SEO company could literally shut our website down on Google searches. Chuck turned us around in days and gave us weekly reports to show our progress.  It took a week to get unblocked by Google, and another 6 months to regain a normal search ranking. The cost of my…

Adam Schiftin Sales Director