A Great Corporate Identity Quadruples Profits Everytime

Corporate Identity, Pitch, and Core Story: A Business Strategy for Consistency and Efficiency

A Corporate Identity is composed of various components, but none is more critical than the Corporate Pitch and a compelling Core Story. These elements serve as essential organizational ingredients for any business. A well-executed Corporate Identity can enhance training, improve client access, increase closing ratios, boost profitability, and more. In business, consistency and efficiency are crucial, and a thoroughly researched and executed Corporate Identity can stimulate both, leading to success in any industry.

Efficiency and consistency are the byproducts of creating and implementing a great Core Story. They are brain-powered, not dollar-powered, and are critical in growing profits by doing things smarter instead of working harder. A Core Story uses market and industry data to create a corporate narrative that acts as a retention assistant, motivator, and training tool for employees. It aligns every aspect of your business towards profitability, establishes your company as an industry leader, and sets the buying criteria for your best buyers. By implementing a great Core Story as part of your identity, you can take the most crucial step in growing profits while doing things smarter, not harder.

A Killer Core Story can dramatically increase closing ratios, quadruple profits, and supercharge sales. By being consistent and efficient in executing a few things, entrepreneurs and managers can become the best at what they do, just like Michael Jordan became a basketball legend. A great Core Story will help executives laser-focus on what they’re good at and employ superstars at every level. Zappos, one of the USA’s fastest-growing companies, is an excellent example of how a company can use its Corporate Identity to attract dedicated superstars who share its culture of customer service.

Implementing a Corporate Identity with a Core Story yields five benefits for companies, including creating corporate unanimity, stimulating core profit centers to move in the same direction, establishing the company as a leader in the industry, setting the internal corporate environment, and gaining unqualified credibility, respect, and trust from clients. Building a killer Corporate Identity, pitch, and story requires effort, but the rewards are enormous. Imagine positioning your company in such a way that your competitors have to hear from you before making any critical decisions.

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