American Based WordPress Support and Development

Creative SEO and Internet Marketing has been the leader in American based WordPress SEO, support, and development. From website building and plugin installation, to creating innovative add-ons for our customers we have been dedicated to keeping all of our central offices and support staff here in the USA. As we always want to hire the best people to accomplish any part of a particular job, at times we hire programmers and coders from every corner of the globe. There are incredibly smart, talented, creative people everywhere on earth, and as a company our hope is for peace and happiness, and a deep respect for difference and diversity in all things.

Creative SEO and Internet Marketing is a company centrally located here in Florida and we feel a commitment to being a part of our local community and supporting its growth and development. Sarasota is a beautiful location and we feel privileged to be able to live and work in a paradise right here on the west coast of Florida.  And although we have clients in many countries, 95% of our clients are in the US, Canada, and the UK, and we want each customer experience to be personal, fluid and efficient. When it comes to the development of technology and an agreement on precise specifications, clarity and efficiency are critical to our commitment to customer satisfaction.  

WordPress Web site development, ecommerce, search engine optimization, and other marketing endeavors can be complex, and time consuming–add to this an open creativity process–and you will soon realize an honest stable partner is usually the key to success…and that’s our strong suit!

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