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Welcome to Creative SEO Marketing. We are local residents providing Sarasota, Miami, and Tampa Florida the best business advertising and marketing services including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website design, managed hosting and internet marketing.

What We Do: Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Email Marketing, Self-Liquidating Offers (SLO’s), E-Commerce, Website Design, Hosting, and Managed Hosting.

We are hyper focused on lean internet marketing services that increase traffic and sales, with a high premium on returning investment dollars and profits.  We are Corporate Growth Hackers always looking for the hook that will exponentially increase your company’s visibility, revenues, and efficiency.

The reality is there is only room for one company at the top of a search engine report and those on the first page will take the lion’s share of the organic traffic. Our job is to find the sweet spot for your company and brands, and optimize your efforts to yield the best return on investment.

While there are plenty of Sarasota Florida, Key West, Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada SEO companies out there, we know that very few have what it takes to accomplish the goals of their clients. In fact, signing up for digital marketing services in Sarasota, Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Pete, or other places in Florida, with unqualified search engine marketing providers can have a negative impact on your search results that could require a much larger budget to repair the damage.

No one trusts their accounting to just anyone with a calculator. When choosing the best Sarasota SEO, advertising, or search engine marketing (SEM) company don’t ask to see their prior results, ask how they are going to regularly report your results to you.

The only way to know if you are getting the search engine optimization you are paying for is to see where you rank in search engine searches that have the keywords and phrases your customers use to find your products and services. It’s that simple, but most agencies don’t do the regular research to optimize their clients, and prepare regular performance reports.

At Creative SEO we send every client bi-weekly and monthly reports.  The data for these reports come directly from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Oath, or other providers.

Best Sarasota Search Engine Optimization Service

Please Read:  The demand for the best Sarasota Florida Search Engine Optimization service is at an all-time high, and with every prospective client comes great responsibility. Learning from our many years of experience, it has become clear that providing great internet marketing to an unprepared company can result in demand that exceeds capacity. While this might seem like a great problem to have as a business owner interested in expanding, sometimes a first impression is all you get, and not being prepared for the increase in sales can generate long-term damage to your brand and internet presence. When we commit to investing our assets to help a business grow we also try to ensure they can handle the volume.

Many national SEO company business owners use inefficient and Black-Hat SEM practices.  Rest assure we are consistently testing and providing our clients with the latest SEO and SEM best practices, and constantly following the changes in algorithms at the major search engine like Google and Bing.

The best online marketing in Sarasota, or anywhere in Florida should always be based in ongoing research that will show you what works best to attract your most profitable clients and customers. Our team spends endless hours developing search engine marketing and optimization strategies, and implementing these custom strategies on our test sites to allow data analysis and continued research for the latest trends.

In addition to our experience providing great SEO/SEM services to Sarasota and South Florida businesses for the last decade, we also provide ground up website design that implements the latest web development techniques and technologies. It’s terrific to have the latest best-looking website, but if it has a negative effect on user experience and your marketing campaign, potential customers will never see it.

It’s important to understand the Creative SEO difference: 1) All Clients receive bi-weekly/monthly performance reports.  2) We always charge monthly with no long-term contract. 3) We never make excuses for a lack of performance, nor do we hide results whether good or bad.  4) We are not afraid of any challenge and enjoy the constant search for improvement and efficiency.

Creative SEO is the best, most comprehensive Florida digital marketing firm offering competitive pricing to meet most company budgets. Please be aware we only take clients that we have pre-qualified.  As a marketing agency, there is only room for one client per vertical, so we have hard limits on who we can serve. Please do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about the opportunity to increase your marketing returns today.

Contact us to get your free Online Brand Audit Report and get started on your company’s Search Engine Optimization today! 1-941-217-7277   Working to Make Your Business Grow!

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96% of Americans with internet access have made an online purchase in their life, and 80% in the past year alone. Creative SEO understands Digital Marketing is the present and future of how consumers will find the products and services they are looking for. Don’t be tricked by old style advertising reps and salespeople. The reason digital marketing is great for your business is because everything you and your customers do is trackable. No more investing blindly in creative marketing that doesn’t report the real returns. The only way to value any  marketing campaign is calculating the return on investment or ROI.


Creative website design and content copy are the foundation of a great user experience and a search engine friendly site. If your website is poorly developed from a technical standpoint, and has errors Google doesn’t approve of, it won’t matter if you create the greatest, most creative marketing plan in the world, no one will find you online. In some circumstances your site will be blocked from search engines. Developing a successful website is a mix of design, copy, function, technology, and marketing. These are the things Creative SEO does best.


Stop stumbling around with hosting services that don’t give you the speed and support your business requires. When building a creative web presence or start-up the last thing you want to worry about is the back-end and server performance. Creative SEO Marketing offers fully-managed customized servers to meet the specific requirements of each client. Weather building an e-commerce clothing storefront or a restaurant delivery service, creativity can only have impact if the backend works seamlessly.  Slow, sluggish site performance hurts user experience, customer retention, sales activity, and loyalty.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is a medium term challenge that must be given resources to get your brand, services, and products to the top of search engine results. The long term benefits and consistent ROI is why SEO is imperative for almost any business. Those that achieve first page dominance on Google have created an extreme durable competitive advantage that has long lasting impact. As the premier Sarasota Florida creative SEO agency, we are always at the cutting edge of technology and search engine algorithms.


Research shows e-mail marketing has one of the highest-ROI’s of any online marketing strategy when implemented properly. 67 percent of businesses list email marketing as their highest earner.  Email campaigns are a powerful way to find, attract, and retain high value customers. Online direct email marketing has immediate impact, and as you grow your email lists and protect the relationship you built with your consumers the value of email marketing rises exponentially. Delivering what you promise with creativity and consistency is what will keep your list participants engaged and loyal.  Click here to use our email ROI calculator.


Our Ecommerce designs are laser focused on providing your customers with clear messaging and strong calls-to-actions that push them to take action. We Specialize in WordPress, Magento, and Woo-commerce, and have extensive experience creating beautiful functional websites from Real Estate to Restaurant Delivery.  User interfaces are intuitively designed, pages load quickly, and checkout is a breeze. All retail sites are constructed with built in search engine optimization.


Creative SEO Marketing Difference

1) Regularly testing and reporting to increase efficiency

2) All clients receive bi-weekly & monthly SEO performance reports

3) We only charge monthly with no long-term SEO contracts


“Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.”–David Ogilvy


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It’s important to remember Pay-Per-Click and Email Campaigns both have immediate results, but Search Engine Optimization, and Educational Marketing offer a more permanent value, and the potential for compounding returns over many years. Self Liquidating Offers (SLO) are the most successful way to make your advertising pay for itself. Taking the cost of advertising out of the ROI computation increases returns dramatically.  Learn how today! Click here to use our ROI Calculators.


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