Complete Local SEO Setup

Complete Local SEO Setup

3 out of 5 customers that search out a local business on Google go there within 3 hours.

Local search engine optimization is a critical part of promoting your brands online. The new business 3-pack displayed after a Google search lists the top local matches. These are free listings that get a lot of attention from those searching.

when we talk about local search engine optimization, we’re referring to the process of making sure all the online elements of your business are optimized so that your search result appears in front of an extremely relevant audience at a time when they’re displaying interest in your product or service.

In the case of local SEO, that relevant audience is someone that is currently, or will be, in the same vicinity as your business. When you visit a search engine, say Google, and enter a term, the goal of Google is to provide you with the best possible result. It’s why you continue to search on Google. If they keep delivering what you were hoping for in the first few results, you’ll continue to conduct your searches on their system. Google is motivated to deliver the best possible result, it’s how they make their money. So when you enter that search term, in an instant, Google has to make a determination. It is our job to make sure that determination directs them to your website or landing page.

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