Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Why Should I Build a Landing Page?

Because they convert. A landing page is essentially the entry point to your site. A great landing page will grab a visitor’s attention and persuade them to take a desired action perhaps you want them to sign up for your email list, download a brochure, buy a product, etc. Whatever the goal, a good landing page is always focused towards that goal.

Just to make sure that you understand, let’s look at the difference between a landing page and the homepage of a site. A landing page is focused on a specific goal or objective while your main homepage has a broad objective. The aim of a landing page is to take your visitors through a specific marketing journey while the main homepage allows visitors to decide on their own journey through your site.

Anyone can tell you that you don’t really need a landing page to get a visitor to take a specific action. You can actually make them take the desired action on your homepage.

BUT, with a good landing page you will achieve a higher conversion rate because it is very specific in its goal. A homepage has a lot of information and elements that may distract a user from taking the desired action.

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