“DIY SEO Masters Series” is a series of webinars created to help individuals and small business owners learn the fundamentals of optimizing their websites for search engine traffic. Google and Bing are two of the largest and smartest companies on the planet.  There is no way to “trick” them and they are changing their search algorithms constantly to adjust the way search page ranking results are decided. This is in large part to stop companies from gaming the system.

And most importantly, if website owners do anything Google doesn’t like, they will penalize them. At times ban your website from their result pages. This can be very damaging to customers finding your site.

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Let’s be clear from the start, optimizing websites and web pages to match up with an ever-evolving Google algorithm is hard and time-consuming. And the truth is you are up against professionals like us in the SEO business, and huge budgets from companies like Amazon, Best Buy, and Macy’s.

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