Pay-Per-Click campaigns are an important part of many online marketing strategies. Optimization for organic search engine results is important too, but as long as Google is making 95% of its revenues from paid search, Pay-per-click AdWords and Bing campaigns are critical to getting your products and services to the top of highly relevant search engine page results.

It’s that simple for many companies. If someone is searching the internet to purchase a camera, it will be hard to beat Best Buy and B&H Photo. Google it now. Type in a particular camera like “Nikon D810,” or simply search “best Nikon camera.” You’ll find these two powerhouses are right up top as paid sponsors.  Below these search results are a few review sites, and then other aggregator websites, but no one selling cameras.  This is how Google wants it!

Now search “purchase Nikon camera.” I’m sure, below the same paid advertisements as the first search produced, you will see Nikon, Best Buy, B&H Photo, or Amazon. If someone is selling you the idea that your online camera store site will beat these online superstores that are paying Google, they are not serious marketers and should be avoided like the plague.

If you would like more information about how Google ad position and ad ranking work directly from Google, please click here and read this Google support page. is always the place to find reliable information on how Google works:-) 

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