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Digital Marketing

96% of Americans with internet access have made an online purchase in their life, and 80% in the past year alone. Creative SEO understands digital marketing is how consumers find the products and services they are looking for. Don’t be tricked by old style advertising reps and salespeople. The reason digital marketing is great for your business is because everything you and your customers do is trackable. No more investing blindly in internet marketing that doesn’t report the real returns. The only way to value any marketing campaign is calculating the return on investment.

Website Design

Creative website design and content copy are the foundation of a great user experience and a search engine friendly site. If your website is poorly developed from a technical standpoint, and has errors Google doesn’t approve of, it won’t matter if you create the greatest, most creative marketing plan in the world, no one will find you online. In some circumstances your site will be blocked from search engines. Developing a successful website is a mix of design, copy, function, technology, and marketing. These are the things Creative SEO does best.

Managed Hosting

Stop stumbling around with hosting services that don’t give you the speed and support your business requires. When building a creative web presence or start-up the last thing you want to worry about is the back-end and server performance. Creative SEO Marketing offers fully-managed customized servers to meet the specific requirements of each client. Weather building an e-commerce clothing storefront or a restaurant delivery service, creativity can only have impact if the backend works seamlessly. Slow, sluggish site performance hurts user experience, customer retention, sales activity, and loyalty.

Every product and service we provide is laser focused on growing your internet marketing and search engine optimization results.

50 Gig Managed Hosting

$19.99/ monthly
Fully Managed

SEO Website Set-Up

Search Engine Optimization
Google My Business and Bing

Website Design

$1999/ Basic
Final price is based on requirements

Online Search Engine Rankings, Brand Reach, Reputation, and Internet Marketing Can Make or Break Your Company’s Future. Knowing Your Reality is the Only Way to Change It!

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