Highways With Billboards Have Three Times As Many Accidents: Don’t Waste the Ad Space!

Why Billboards Matter When advertising on a billboard you must catch the attention of the viewer and keep it at a time when there are many other pressing distractions-for instance, driving. We conducted a research study in Las Vegas, Nevada and found that 93% of billboards don’t actually drive sales. Here is an outline of […]

9 Areas of Consistent Focus: Stay Alive Today and Become the Leader Tomorrow

Core Profit Centers In bad economic times the big and the strong destroy the small and the weak. This has been true in every downturn the economy has ever seen. Here’s the other certainty. Those companies that build and grow during these hard times, become the industry leaders of tomorrow when the economy stabilizes. The […]

A Great Corporate Identity Quadruples Profits Everytime

What is A Corporate Identity? The “Corporate Identity,” is much more than a corporate pitch or core story, and has an extremely valuable purpose as the central organizing ingredient of any company. A great Corporate Identity can dramatically improve training, client access, closing ratios, profitability, and more. The one absolute in business is consistency and […]


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