Who is Sarasota’s best SEO CEO?

Chuck Kanner is the Founder and CEO of Creative SEO and Internet Marketing, Ritchie Havok International, and the Kanner Capital Management.

He has been a businessman and entrepreneur for over three decades. Living in Sarasota, New York City, and Las Vegas for most of his life he has authored articles on business, advertising, education, and internet marketing. Search engine optimization and digital marketing has been an interest, well really a passion, since he built his first website in the early 1990’s.

In a recent interview Chuck said, “back then optimizing for search engines was easy and Google hadn’t figured out what a money machine they had built. Now SEO results are decided by constantly changing algorithms with criteria that is modified almost daily. Google and Bing are now laser focused on protecting their huge revenues from pay-per-click search advertising. That has, and will continue to impact SEO professionals, including expert SEO practitioners, and the return on investment(ROI) they provide to their customers.”

He teaches and consults about the importance of a great Corporate Identity that supercharges every aspect of your company’s sales, marketing, branding, and financial departments. Building a killer Corporate Identity that integrates the Core Profit Centers brings results that are always amazing.

In today’s business environment the second most important factor in driving business is internet optimization which includes great search engine optimization, and at times a high quality pay-per-click campaign. Creative SEO and Internet Marketing is here to provide these services and others to supercharge your website presence, traffic, conversions, and authority.

Call today and receive a free research report related to your website and how it ranks for certain important keywords and phrases in a Google search. 1-800-322-1100 or email me directly at chuck@creativeseomarketing.com

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