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The Creative SEO Difference

Bi-Weekly and Monthly Reporting From Third Party Vendors to Ensure Your Success.

Most of us don’t know how to fix cars. This dilemma always leaves consumers at the mercy of service providers. Once you are part of the Creative SEO family you receive bi-weekly reporting from unaffiliated third party vendors. These reports will show you all the ads and keywords that make-up your brands online marketing funnel and how they performed.  Moreover these reports will give you detailed information about your competition. Marketing campaigns are only as good as there return on investment. Don’t be fooled! Know your marketing returns; or peril!

We are a Professional Digital Marketing Firm Laser Focused on ROI and cutting edge technology.

Unlike other firms our work is focused on the cutting edge of internet commerce and marketing. As corporate growth hackers we are always learning and searching for the strategies that keep our clients slaughtering their competition. Today the strategy with the greatest durable competitive advantage is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. It has long term results that with compounding returns. Creative SEO specializes in Education-Based Marketing, Email Marketing with Self-Liquidating Offers, and Pay-Per-Click advertising.

No Black Hat Techniques. Honest, Professional, and Reliable.

Our Founder and CEO tells us every day the mission is to build success for our clients, and to ALWAYS accomplish this with research, creativity, brain power, and most importantly integrity. Cheating, or having the goal of tricking search engines like Google has been tried by brilliant hackers and coders; and in the end Google wins and their sites are taken down, blacklisted, or banned. 10% of our client’s come to us to solve problems other SEO companies have created by mismanagement, black hat techniques, and incompetence. The cost of resolving negative issues is 5 times more expensive than getting to the top results of search engines. Starting off right can save up to year of time, and thousands of dollars. Black hat techniques always have a long-term negative EV (Estimated Value).

24/7 Friendly USA Based Support

Award winning customer support is something Creative SEO is known for.  Our clients are always able to reach a live support representative based in the USA. Marketing and advertising are very competitive aspects of the business process, and many times for campaigns to have there desired impact the planning and implementation must take place in secrecy with supporting partners taking great care to ensure confidentiality. If you have any question call today! 1-800-322-1100

We Create Online Marketing and Branding Machines that Return Consistent Results to Our Clients.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

96% of Americans with internet access have made an online purchase in their life, and 80% in the past year alone. Creative SEO understands Digital Marketing is the present and future of how consumers will find the products and services they are looking for. Don’t be tricked by old style advertising reps and salespeople. The reason digital marketing is great for your business is because everything you and your customers do is trackable. No more investing blindly in creative marketing that doesn’t report the real returns. The only way to value any  marketing campaign is calculating the return on investment or ROI.

Website Design

Creative website design and content copy are the foundation of a great user experience and a search engine friendly site. If your website is poorly developed from a technical standpoint, and has errors Google doesn’t approve of, it won’t matter if you create the greatest, most creative marketing plan in the world, no one will find you online. In some circumstances your site will be blocked from search engines. Developing a successful website is a mix of design, copy, function, technology, and marketing. These are the things Creative SEO does best.

Managed Hosting

Stop stumbling around with hosting services that don’t give you the speed and support your business requires. When building a creative web presence or start-up the last thing you want to worry about is the back-end and server performance. Creative SEO Marketing offers fully-managed customized servers to meet the specific requirements of each client. Weather building an e-commerce clothing storefront or a restaurant delivery service, creativity can only have impact if the backend works seamlessly.  Slow, sluggish site performance hurts user experience, customer retention, sales activity, and loyalty.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is a medium term challenge that must be given resources to get your brand, services, and products to the top of search engine results. The long term benefits and consistent ROI is why SEO is imperative for almost any business. Those that achieve first page dominance on Google have created an extreme durable competitive advantage that has long lasting impact. As the premier Sarasota Florida creative SEO agency, we are always at the cutting edge of technology and search engine algorithms.

Email Marketing

Research shows e-mail marketing has one of the highest-ROI’s of any online marketing strategy when implemented properly. 67 percent of businesses list email marketing as their highest earner.  Email campaigns are a powerful way to find, attract, and retain high value customers. Online direct email marketing has immediate impact, and as you grow your email lists and protect the relationship you built with your consumers the value of email marketing rises exponentially. Delivering what you promise with creativity and consistency is what will keep your list participants engaged and loyal.  Click here to use our email ROI calculator.

E-Commerce Retail

Our Ecommerce designs are laser focused on providing your customers with clear messaging and strong calls-to-actions that push them to take action. We Specialize in WordPress, Magento, and Woo-commerce, and have extensive experience creating beautiful functional websites from Real Estate to Restaurant Delivery.  User interfaces are intuitively designed, pages load quickly, and checkout is a breeze. All retail sites are constructed with built in search engine optimization.

Online Brand Reach, Reputation, and Search Engine Rankings Can Make or Break Your Company’s Future. Knowing your reality is the only way to change it!